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More and more of today’s businesses are not only allowing employees to work from home, but they are relying on this ability. When working remotely your productivity is dependent on your work station capabilities. ProPoint’s virtual office allows you to work from anywhere with the same tools relied on in the office.

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Don't Get Left Behind At Home

Our ProPoint team of experts allow you to take your office with you, whether you are working from home or setting up a remote location. Set up your industry specific applications and your secure network connection virtually. We can help keep you in business anywhere, anytime.

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Connect with an expert today to learn how to operate from your home or remote location.

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Virtually Connected

Your office in the comfort of your home.

Allow the experts to establish a secure connection to your office gainining access to important data and applications as if your office computer were in front of you.
Connect your mobile phone to your office phone so that calls get directed to you.
Use your industry specific applications from your home or remote location with the same management expected from ProPoint’s experts. Learn more about application management here.