Compliancy and Regulations


Compliancy rules and regulations are increasingly difficult to achieve every year. For many practices, not meeting these legal requirements ultimately lead to large dollar amounts of penalties. ProPoint’s healthcare team are experts in Quality Assurance. We meet and exceed HIPAA expectations, insuring maximum reimbursement for our practices. We provide the following necessary steps for 100% qualification.

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Compliance and Reimbursement

  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Management Plan
  • Evidence of HIPAA Compliance Report
  • HIPAA Policies and Procedures
  • Security Exception Worksheet
  • Asset Detail Report
  • Response Report
  • Site Diagram

The Hidden Threat

Keeping your company secure requires a balance between knowledgeable IT and a good company wide cyber culture. Make sure the people you count on the most, your employees, aren't setting you up for failure. ProPoint is here to help you establish both. Contact the experts today.

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Don't Open the Door to Disaster

ProPoint can help keep your business secure. Learn more below.

Know where your company stands and what needs to be done to legally manage your risk. Learn more about our Security Risk Assessment.
Keep your staff up to date with the best tools and habits to maintain internal security. Learn how we can help you build a company wide cyber culture.
Have a contengency plan in place. Learn more about disaster recovery here.