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Stop spending valuable time and money worrying about the security of your business. Keep your sensitive information out of the wrong hands and potentially held hostage. ProPoint is experienced in proactively protecting your data. Trust the experts to keep your business safe from unseen threats.

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Are You Compliant?

An estimated two million companies doing business with entities including the government, contractors, shredding companies, document storage companies, attorneys, accountants, collection agencies, and many others are required by law to conduct a specialized IT risk assessment to satisfy many various compliance and/or statutory requirements. Many of these companies and organizations are not even aware of this legal requirement.

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The Hidden Threat

Keeping your company secure requires a balance between knowledgeable IT and a good company wide cyber culture. Make sure the people you count on the most, your employees, aren’t setting you up for failure. ProPoint is here to help you establish both. Contact the experts today.

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Don't Open the Door to Disaster

ProPoint can help keep your business secure. Learn more below.

Know where your company stands and what needs to be done to legally manage your risk. Learn more about our Security Risk Assessment.
Keep your staff up to date with the best tools and habits to maintain internal security. Learn how we can help you build a company wide cyber culture.
Have a contengency plan in place. Learn more about disaster recovery here.